Twelve Bridges Montessori  Preschool
To ensure a positive and encouraging learning experience, our environment has been
thoughtfully prepared to include the following distinct areas:
One test of the
correctness of
procedure is the
happiness of the
child itself.”
Practical Life - The purpose of
this area is to aid in the
development of independence,
concentration, self worth and
accomplishment through activities
that focus on care of self, care of
the environment and grace and
Language - Research has
shown that children gain the
skills necessary to  read and
write during early childhood.  
Letter sounds, stories, rhymes,
picture and shape matching,
phonetic word boxes,
sandpaper letters and alphabet
cutouts, for example, will be
used  in this area to directly
aid in the development of the
child's ability to read and
Sensorial - Children learn
through the use of their
senses.  Our touch tablets,
smelling bottles, color
tablets, mystery bags, pink
tower and knobbed
cylinders, for example,
teach the child to categorize
and identify objects based
on specific attributes such
as color, size, shape,
dimension, length,
texture and weight.
Cultural Subjects - This area will include the  
basics in geography, history, science and art.
Mathematics makes use of manipulative materials to enable the child to
internalize concepts of number, symbol, sequence, operations, and
memorization of basic facts.