Twelve Bridges
The classroom will be conducted as follows:
Circle Time
Free Period
Outside Play
Circle Time
Circle Time will not only be used for group activities
such as reading books and singing  songs but also for
introducing new classroom activities.

During Free Period, the children are able to choose any
activity within the classroom that they would like to use.  
We also work with the children individually and in small
groups during this time in order to encourage use of all
materials.  The children will be able to have their snack
at any point during this Free Period.

Outside Playtime will allow the children to enjoy all of
our outside activities.

The last Circle Time will give the children a chance to
come inside and settle down before going home.
We loved this preschool! Laura makes the children feel so comfortable, which allows them to learn
beyond expectations.    
We loved the Montessori way of teaching too! I would recommend this preschool to anyone!!