This is the second year we have had our daughter Avery enrolled in the Twelve
Bridges Montessori Preschool. Since Avery began attending the Twelve Bridges
Montessori Preschool, we have noticed a tremendous advancement in her academic
understandings. Avery has been taught multiple skills, which have advanced her
communication, writing and reading skills. In addition to her academic advancements,
Avery's socials skills and self confidence have improved. The Twelve Bridges
Montessori Preschool has also assisted in instilling in Avery various life skills; such as
how to share, how to listen and follow instructions, how to pick up after herself, and
how to be a leader and a follower when participating in activities. Avery's Teachers,
Ms. Laura and Ms. Becky have implemented a creative teaching method which has
made the learning process fun and effective for their students. We believe Ms. Laura
and Ms. Becky have assisted in establishing a solid learning foundation for Avery to
build upon. The Twelve Bridges Montessori Preschool is not a day care or a
preschool, it's more. Since the very first day Avery attended the Twelve Bridges
Montessori Preschool, she has been excited to go to back each day. At the
conclusion of each school day, Avery comes home and tells us a story of something
positive that happened that day and something new she has learned.  Besides what
every tells us, she always has a few art pieces she created to give us, which we
proudly display on our refrigerator. Over the past year and a half, the Twelve Bridges
Montessori Preschool has proved to us to be a safe place for children to learn and
have fun while doing it.

Kurtis and Kim
Twelve Bridges
What some of our Parents have to say
about Twelve Bridges Montessori.....
My children have had the most wonderful preschool
experience at 12 Bridges Montessori.  Making sure my
children went to preschool was very important to my husband
and I.  We believe early academic involvement supports
lifelong success.  At 12 Bridges Montessori we have found the
academic program to be exceptional.  The teachers are warm
and engaging.   They give the children freedom to explore the
classroom and encourage self-directed activities in order to
develop their educational confidence.  I cannot say enough
about this wonderful preschool, I absolutely recommend 12
Bridges Montessori to my friends and family.  

~Victoria Mercer
We loved this preschool! Laura makes the children feel so
comfortable, which allows them to learn beyond expectations.

We loved the Montessori way of teaching too! I would
recommend this preschool to anyone!!  

‘The essential
thing is for the
task to arouse
such an
interest that it
the child's whole
Montessori -
The Absorbent
I visited many preschools and all were lacking something until I went to Twelve Bridges
Montessori.  I wanted a safe, clean, friendly, learning environment and I got that plus
much more.  Twelve Bridges Montessori has the perfect blend of structure yet freedom
for children to be independent and decisive.  Both my son and daughter graduated
from Twelve Bridges Montessori and both are doing well in school, but most of all they
have a love for learning that I attribute to Laura MacIntyre and her preschool.  I could
not have asked for a better start to my children’s academic future.

Kathleen Cummings
My family has been going to this preschool for 3 years now.
First my oldest, now my middle, and in a year my youngest will
also attend. I could not be happier with Ms. Laura, the school
and the curriculum. The class size is small and this allows for
the teachers to work individually with the students. My children
have thrived here and love going to school. They are so
disappointed on the days they do not have class. I really like
that it is strictly a preschool and not a daycare. They have
learned so much here that it amazes me. My oldest graduated from
here more than qualified for Kindergarten. I cannot say enough
positive things about the teachers and Twelve Bridges Montessori

My daughter, Audrey, attended Twelve Bridges Montessori for two years, and she
had a wonderful experience there with Miss Laura.  She was 3 when she started,
and the 3 hours in the two-day class was a perfect introduction to school for her.  
This was her first time being away from me.  We found the school to be very warm
and welcoming.  Being set in Miss Laura's home, it was a good fit for the Montessori
philosophy of school modeling home.  No matter what time I walked into the
classroom, the kids were always busy doing their "jobs" and quietly working.  My
daughter is a quite talkative child and communicated to me that she felt like she had a
purpose at school.  She loved that she could choose her own job, and take the time
she needed to complete it.  She liked learning about the planets, geography and the
life cycles of animals.  Miss Laura and the other teachers made a point of working
individually with the children to hone their skills, and by the end of the first year, my
daughter was already beginning to read.  My daughter also enjoyed learning songs,
especially the ones in Spanish, which they performed for the parents at various
holidays.  All in all, I think the school struck a good balance between fun and
challenge, and would highly recommend it as a preschool.

Dana Loschiavo